IT Support & Services

Our experienced IT Team offer a helping hand to many businesses on the Island. Now, into our 16th year, we’re assisting more local businesses than ever before.

Some of the businesses you trust, trust Technaut to manage their IT!

Help is only a phone call away, should you need it!

Outsourcing your IT Support, whether you have a couple of requests per month, or 5 per day, can remove a huge burden from your business. The financial implications of taking on additional staff can be significant, as can the risk due to their knowledge of systems if they decide to move on. Using Technaut can remove that risk and minimise the cost.

Fast Response times

With a Remote Access capability our engineers can start work immediately if needed!

Great Value for Money

Our rates are highly competitive, you could see a real saving on our competitors!

Professional Service

Our Professional Engineers are skilled in a broad range of Technologies & Software.

Make us part of your Team!

Our Customers really value the great relationship with have with our Customers!

Maintaining your systems, to reduce the likelihood of an outage.

Keeping your business IT in a healthy state is paramount to ensure you don’t experience outages. If one of your staff has a problem on a system you may lose a few hours productivity, if however your Server crashes and you lose Email/File Access and even the ability to log onto systems, the effects on your business could be catastrophic.

Our Preventative Maintenance helps keep your systems stable, and should they ever let you down, we can also provide emergency office facilities allowing you to maintain a working office.

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Our other Service Categories: 

IT Solutions

Click here to see our IT Solutions, we have a range of solutions that can help your business. Hosted Email, Cloud Desktops, CCTV, WiFi plus many more, we have the solutions your organisation may need!

Web Design

Do you need a website? Our cost effective website services are designed for simplicity. We can secure your domain, setup your website, add you to Google/Bing and assist with marketing on Social Media.

IT Support

Don’t have the need for a full time IT Resource, Technaut can help by giving you the support you need! We provide IT Support services to over 100 small-medium size business in the Isle of Man and further afield.

IT Security

Security solutions to help protect your business. We have partnered with Sophos to offer Endpoint Protection/Encryption and much more. Many of the products are designed to ensure Personal Data is Secure (GDPR!).