Forensic Email Archiving

This product is a must for those looking toward GDPR compliance. Our Email Archiving solution will journal all emails sent to and from your business, should you need to trace an email correspondence, you can just search the Web Admin console. The solution would make it impossible for an email trail to be deleted by a user, giving a full audit trail, should that be required.

About Technaut Email Archiving

We have standardised on using Cryoserver for our Email Archiving solution. This is held in our Secure DataCentre giving separation from your own IT systems.

Cryoserver is an email archiving solution which stores an identical copy of every email ever sent or received by your users, and turns that data into a useful repository for everyday use.

You can be safe in the knowledge that any business-critical information sent or received using email is stored securely in Cryoserver, where it is instantly retrievable.

Compliance was the origin of Cryoserver, and remains central to the product today, providing real-time capture and storage of every message received by the mail server on a separate secure server, protected by a tamper-evident audit trail.

The fast search and retrieval feature meets the needs of short eDiscovery periods, and provides a “never delete” auditability.

In recent years high profile email security issues have increased in number, scale and impact, and this has placed email security higher up companies’ agendas. Cryoserver provides a secure non-delete archive of emails, this combined with a policy of regularly deleting emails from the mail server, provides an additional level of security, as well as improved email storage and management and cost savings.



Secure Datacentre

Email archived to our Secure Data Centre space.

Managed Service

We will configure the seed and manage the system, no need for your own IT resource.


Allows for compliance giving an audit trial of emails and has built in retention and export facilities.


Recover email correspondence from within your organisation. Tamper proof!

Recommended for:






Risk Reduction



How does it work?
1. Our Engineers will review and discuss  your requirements.

2. We will draft the solution spec, confirm the number of users and upon acceptance your Archive store will be built.

3. Users will be configured for access and email will be imported from existing mailboxes..

4. Data Guardians will be added as administrators of the system.

5. Handover complete. We will be available to provide ongoing support.

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